Your Opportunity to Maximize Rewards!

Dive into a unique way to increase your returns. With our Teen Patti Stars CashBack Bonus Cards, you’re set to earn more the longer you play!

teen patti stars cashback bonus cards with falling chip coins

Understanding Cashback Rules

  • Card Duration: Choose your card based on your preference: 7-day cards or 30-day cards. But remember, you can only make one purchase every 7 or 30 days, respectively.
  • Instant Rewards: Once you buy a card, an instant reward awaits! The value of the reward is proportionate to the card’s value.
  • Daily Rewards: From the 2nd day post-purchase, daily bonuses are up for grabs. Just don’t forget; they expire at the end of each day. Claim them timely!

Wagering Requirements: To cash out your bonuses:

  • Instant Rewards: Wager 1x of the reward’s value.
  • Daily Rewards: Wager 6x of the daily bonus amount.
  • Claiming Time: The next day’s rewards become available after 12:00 am.
  • Card Validity: 7-day cards remain valid for a week. Post expiry, you can repurchase the same card.
  • Eligibility: Only one registration per player qualifies for this bonus.
  • Fair Play: Cheating or any abuse can result in bonus deduction or account closure.
  • Terms: We hold the right to change or modify this promotion anytime.

Need Assistance? Reach out to our Customer Service for any queries.

Choose Your CashBack Bonus Card

Rs 300 Card

  • Pay: Rs 300
  • Instant Reward: Rs 300
  • Daily Bonus: Rs 5 (For 7 days)
  • Total Gain: Rs 335
  • Validity: 7 days

Rs 500 Card (Most Popular)

  • Pay: Rs 500
  • Instant Reward: Rs 500
  • Daily Bonus: Rs 20 (For 7 days)
  • Total Gain: Rs 640
  • Validity: 7 days

Rs 1500 Card

  • Pay: Rs 1500
  • Instant Reward: Rs 1500
  • Daily Bonus: Rs 10 (For 30 days)
  • Total Gain: Rs 1800
  • Validity: 30 days

Rs 3000 Card (Best Value)

  • Pay: Rs 3000
  • Instant Reward: Rs 3000
  • Daily Bonus: Rs 25 (For 30 days)
  • Total Gain: Rs 3750
  • Validity: 30 days

Make the Most Out of Every Play!

Choose the card that best suits your gaming style and goals. The rewards are waiting, grab yours now!