Big Agent Plan

Networking Marketing is the fastest growing business of the 21th century which must be joined by every Indian, otherwise you can never reach the best of your earning capability.

New Player who use the referral link you provided to download the game and login, will automatically become your direct down line and start generating earnings for you!

  1. Download the game get your exclusive link and share it with friends
  2. Negative profile calculation formula (money lost by all subordinate members of the big agent-three costs)*negative profile ration.
  3. unlimited earning potential as the number of downlines increase.

For example: When A is a big agent, all it’s subordinates members lose a total of ₹ 1000, and the cost of the three items is ₹ 200,. The negative profit sharing ration is 50%, then A wins: [( ₹ 1000- ₹ 200)*50%]= ₹ 400