Who we Are and What we do

Teen Patti Stars is India’s leading provider of player satisfaction and online engagement for individuals interested in participating in any sort of online gaming. We help you in understanding the numerous sorts of Indian poker games and other game modes such as Teen Patti itself, Indian Rummy, Dragon Tiger, and more, as well as speeding up your withdrawal.

We provide a large and diverse assortment of popular gaming titles, including Texas Cowboys and Rummy, which are skill-based games (Teen Patti, Indian Rummy, Poker, 7up down, The Black Reds, and many more). We are a gaming company that focuses on data sciences and analytics to continually innovate to maximize player enjoyment and provide a safe and secure platform. Teen Patti Star is a prominent gaming destination.

Our Goal

Our mission at Teen Patti Stars is simple. We desire to offer every online gaming user a secure and fair environment while earning to play through independent assessments of India’s finest online gaming companies. 

Facts and Figures

80 million users

According to the statistics, 931 million people in India are using Smartphones across the country.

80 million of them chose Teen Patti Stars when it comes to gaming applications where you can earn real money. The rest of the population is just using social media and other applications and not discovering Teen Patti Stars yet.

A 30,000 weekly rupees bonus is guaranteed

100% facts in Teen Patti Stars is you will earn 30,000 Rupees in total weekly. Through Daily signing up, VIP weekly bonus, and other bonuses. More bonuses await you!

5 years of running Application

Established in 2017, Teen Patti Stars grew to become the industry leader in online gaming. The goal of the Teen Patti Stars firm was to maintain a trustworthy, dependable environment for its staff, and this remains true today. Since the beginning, Teen Patti Stars has focused on improving your gaming experience. With Teen Patti Stars, you can play a large range of online gaming games. We provide a wide range of online gaming businesses, each of which offers a fun and exciting set of games, prizes, and much more.

4 Major Withdrawal Methods

5 Approved Gateways Withdrawal Methods

98% Player’s Satisfaction score

Teen Patti Stars are trusted by millions of users and we receive the best feedback in the gaming industry in India. Our amazing gameplay, excellent player experience, and top-notch customer support make us stand out from the crowd. We have created a unique environment for other players to enjoy our games with friends and family while earning without any disturbance.

Why You Can Trust Us

We are a team that is dedicated to making sure you receive the best experience possible. Our staff understands how important it is for our users to be able to trust us and have access to some of the best games on the internet. We always prioritize maintaining the integrity and security of your game so that you can participate in Teen Patti Stars without any problems!

We understand that security is a top priority for every player, so we guarantee that every transaction you make through us is 100% safe. We also make sure that your data and personal information will be secured by updating our encryption technology.

We believe in the best services. We value your time and money. Therefore, we have incorporated several safety measures to keep the elements of your assets safe. The objective is to make Teen Patti Stars unbelievable when it comes to safety, reliability, and graphics.

Need more information

How Do You Review Online Gaming Apps? 

Security and Support

If you are reviewing an online gaming app, the first thing you need to look at is the security of the game and its player support. Your money or an asset is involved when making a stake.

Teen Patti Stars provide 24/7 security against scams and fraud and 24/7 customer service to assist players when conflict happens.

Because we believe that if the players feel secure using the application, they will stay and trust the rest of the projects.

Licensing and Legislation

We fill you in on what licensing and legislation mean, how it affects you as a player, and where to seek support services or advice. On Teen Patti Stars you will find actual license numbers and data, gaming commission website details, regulatory bodies, and where to seek support services or advice for any dispute resolution, information or guidance you might need wherever you reside in India.

Teen Patti Stars aims to give you the best advice on how to avoid problems before they arise. We are committed to helping you become a responsible gamer, and we know one of the best ways to do that is by giving you access to information that allows you to make informed decisions regarding the game.

Industry Reputation

We are changing the face of the Indian gaming industry with our dedication and world-class infrastructure. It’s because we put in all our efforts for the best possible experience for our players. Due to this, we have earned a name for being one of the most reliable gaming sites in India. Also, there are many times when we support our players with fast withdrawals to your asset.

Mobile Experience

We, Teen Patti Stars prioritize this after the safety of the player’s assets. We believe that having a smooth gaming experience will gain the best trust we are looking for in players and that is what we did before and still doing now.  

Game Variety

As the name implies, Teen Patti Stars focuses on the card game and other India’s best card games. The application’s broad game modes make the player stay and play more. If you are into comparing some online gaming applications due to their game varieties, Teen Patti Stars is your best choice to play. It brings the presence of India’s best card games and connects people around the country without hassle. It is a complete package game, starting from bringing people together up to becoming a competing gamer while earning a lot of money. 

Teen Patti Stars makes the most of it now, and in the future!

Bonus Offers

There are 2 types of players in a paying online gaming app. One is those who are hardcore gamers who prioritize the speed and smoothness of the game, and the second is those who just prioritize earning a lot of money through winning.

Losing is given to all players, but earning a lot of bonuses in the game makes a difference in the competition of online gaming. 

Teen Patti Stars made 80 million players and the majority of them are into winning and earning a lot of money and at the same time receiving a lot of bonuses. 

That’s why Teen Patti Stars is different from other gaming applications.

Sign Up process

Believe it or not, some players prioritize the game speed rather than their own money which will possibly be lost especially when the players are enjoying the game. Some incoming players are making their judgment when it comes to the speed of the game, first, in the sign-up process. When they find out that they are having a hard time signing up for the game, they immediately back out and find another online application to play.

Teen Patti Stars core team is always maintaining the technical aspects of the game. From the sign-up process to individual games to play, and the withdrawal process. Teen Patti Stars gain millions of trust because of its fancy graphics and the smoothness of the game. 


The first thing that players observe in online games is how they process the withdrawal of assets. That’s why some players are not making an All-in decision to top-up simply because of those fake applications or scam applications.

Teen Patti Stars provides you with the widest payment method variety to make players play more conveniently and gain more trust in the application. Teen Patti Officials prioritize all kinds of safety for the players, especially for your assets.

Unique Features

Becoming Unique is something. Players are tired of seeing the same graphics and styles to play games but not those players that are just into money.  

Teen Patti Stars core team has their own experiences of playing different online gaming, which helps the game application improve before launching. 

Online gaming applications around India are still competing in the graphics and features of the game. That’s what Teen Patti hits differently. 

India’s Best Online Rummy App!