Responsible Gaming Policy

Teen Patti Stars (The “Company”) the operator of this online gaming app, (“Website”), aims to promote responsible gaming while also increasing the prevention and avoidance of excessive gaming. This responsible gaming policy outlines not just the Company’s commitments, but also your need to promote responsible gaming behaviors and reduce the harmful effects of excessive gaming.

We are committed to ensuring that you have a positive gaming experience on our Application while also being conscious of the social and financial consequences of excessive gaming. We offer and market our skill games as a fun method to have fun while making MONEY, and we feel that GAMING can only stay that way if you play wisely and keep in control. This Application game contains financial risk and may be addictive. Please play at your own risk and play responsibly.


If you decide to play on Teen Patti Stars, the following general suggestions can help make your gaming experience safer and limit the risk of problems linked to excessive gaming.

  • Only purchase Play Money with money that you can afford to spend.
  • Do not use the money for food, bills, rent, or tuition to purchase Play Money.
  • Make sure you pre-plan your purchases and playtime on Teen Patti Stars, and then stick to that limit, regardless of your performance.
  • It is hard to make good decisions when you are upset, tired, or depressed. Playing when you’re depressed is not advised.
  • Do not put off personal or other vital chores only to have a play. Complete all of your important tasks so that you can play freely and calmly.
  • Playing Teen Patti Stars should be balanced with other activities. Find alternative ways to engage yourself so that playing does not take over your life.
  • Borrowing money to make purchases on the Application top-up is not allowed. The companies are not tolerating that kind of behavior.
  • Avoid spending all of your Play Money in a single match or session. Teen Patti Stars offer different game modes, you can choose freely and try to familiarize yourself with all the games.
  • Take a break, rest for a while, and make it a habit.


The Company (Teen Patti Stars) has a strict policy regarding underage users (Users under 18 years). To reduce the risk of false/unwanted purchases and the Application being active as a source of distraction to individuals or students, or even undergraduate education, we request identification and verification if we suspect a user is under the age of 18. Any users found to be underage while using the Application will have their accounts revoked or removed immediately.

Although we dedicate a considerable amount of time and resources to ensuring that no children are playing on the Application, we believe that prevention works best as a cooperative process between us and the minor’s parents/guardians. Here are a few guidelines you may use to ensure that minors, such as your children, do not play on your Application.

  • If you are signed in to the App, do not keep your mobile device unattended.
  • To use and manage such devices, make sure to secure your mobile device and set up password/credential control.
  • Install/use child safety software on your children’s devices to prevent them from accessing the Application or any of the features we provide through the use of the Application (Teen Patti Stars).
  • For your User Account, create a strong, difficult-to-guess password. You can tell the Application Software not to remember your password every time you log in. If you are concerned that someone else may attempt to access your User Account, you should disable the Application’s ability to remember your password.
  • Do not save your credit/debit card or any payment method that is linked to Teen Patti Stars when purchasing Play Money, and please avoid making unwanted purchases as all purchases made on the Application are permanent.


If you decide to play online, following some general principles will help make your experience safer and lessen the risk of possible problems.

  • Play at stakes that you are comfortable with; bigger stakes may not help you recover losses.
  • Don’t play if you’re angry, weary, or depressed. It’s harder to make smart decisions when you’re down.
  • Playing Teen Patti Stars should be balanced with other activities. Find alternative ways to entertain yourself so that playing does not take over your life.
  • Do not play if you are drunk/intoxicated.


Age Verification, Any player who provides false or misleading information about his or her true age may have all earnings forfeited.

  • Everyone who creates a new account verifies that they are at least 18 years old. This proves to everyone that everyone on Teen Patti Stars is over the age of 18.
  • Our marketing and advertising do not specifically target underage players. Attracting underage players is hardly good business nor compatible with our personal and corporate principles.

If you have question or feedback regarding our Responsible Gaming Policy, please