At Teen Patti Stars, feel the groove and thrill of the colorful live dealer game Funky Time. Immerse yourself in the vibrant disco atmosphere of the 1970s, complete with revolving wheels, colorful hosts, and many bonus rounds.

What is Funky Time

Funky Time is a live casino game available here at Teen Patti Stars. In the game, participants take part in an engaging and entertaining experience by betting on the result of a spinning wheel. The wheels have a number of sections, each with its unique set of outcomes, and are powered by Evolution Gaming’s patented DigiWheel technology.

The game was created to mimic the vivid and energetic ambiance of the 1970s disco period. Players may look forward to exciting bonus rounds, appealing themes, and chances to win cash prizes depending on their predictions and the outcome of the wheel spin.

The game was created to mimic the vivid and energetic ambiance of the 1970s disco period. Players may look forward to exciting bonus rounds, appealing themes, and chances to win cash prizes depending on their predictions and the outcome of the wheel spin.

Overview of Funky Time

Game Concept: Funky Time transports players to the colorful ambiance of the 1970s disco era.

DigiWheel Technology: The game provides a modern and inventive twist to conventional wheel-based casino games by utilizing Evolution Gaming’s own digital wheel technology.

Wheel Spin Mechanic: Players place wagers on the outcome of a spinning wheel, attempting to anticipate where it would rest.

Segment Variety: The wheel is divided into parts such as the “number one” section, the “letter” segment, and the “bonus round” portion.

Bonus Rounds: “Funky Time” has an intriguing set of extras that improve the entire game experience. BAR bonuses, disco bonuses, Staining Alive bonuses, and VIP disco bonuses are a few examples.

Multipliers: During gameplay, random multipliers are spread over the rotors, allowing players to win up to 50 times their investment. This creates excitement and a good possibility of winning.

Live Host Interaction: An energetic presenter engages with participants during the game, providing a dynamic and exciting atmosphere.

Cash Prizes: Players can earn cash rewards based on their bets and wheeling outcomes.

Innovation and Entertainment: Based on the popularity of previous titles such as “Crazy Time” and “Monopoly Live,” Evolution Gaming hopes to create an original and enjoyable live casino experience.

“Funky Time” mixes chance, strategy, and entertainment components to provide players with a one-of-a-kind and immersive 1970s-themed live casino encounter.

The Digiwheel of Funky Time:

The addition of digital wheels with LED panels is a noteworthy upgrade in Funky Time Live’s basic game mechanics. This technology enhances the wheel’s visual display and functionality, adding a contemporary and dynamic aspect to gaming.

Key features of the Digiwheel include:

LED Panel Display: The LED screen on the digital wheel displays the arrangement of the segments and corresponding multipliers on the wheels. This not only increases the intelligibility of the information, but also adds to the game’s overall visual attractiveness.

Dynamic Visualization: LED panels dynamically show the configuration of the wheels, providing the player with a more engaging and interactive experience. The introduction of technology modernizes classic wheel principles.

Innovative Wheel Design: The Digiwheel is an innovative approach to wheel design in live casino games. By integrating LED panels, Evolution Gaming hopes to improve the overall quality and user experience in “Funky Time Live.”

With technologically enhanced representations, players may visually immerse themselves in wheel segments and multipliers as they engage in the digital wheel, increasing overall interest and pleasure of the game.

Why play Funky Time?

Suitability for Slot Players

The game is marketed to people who prefer slot machines over table games. This is due to the game’s heavy usage of RNG (Random Number Generators) and the players’ lack of substantial decision-making.

Cross Between Roulette and Slot with Bonus Rounds:

Funky Time Live is essentially a mix between roulette and a slot machine, with several bonus rounds. This hybrid product offers a one-of-a-kind combination of components from several casino games.

Appeal to Low-Stakes and High-Stakes Players:

Players with a little stake may find the game appealing because they may win big with fewer bets. Higher-stakes players, on the other hand, can chase large potential gains while avoiding over-betting.

Love or Hate Dynamic:

Funky Time Live, like its predecessor Crazy Time, has a love-hate relationship. This combination of perspectives is seen to be excellent for keeping players coming back for more, contributing to the game’s overall appeal.

Autoplay Experience

Auto-play is described as part of the game experience, and when bonus rounds arrive, players occasionally glance up. The frequency of bonus rounds has been noted as an issue that might frustrate players.

Comparison with “Crazy Time

The game is compared to “Crazy Time,” with the feeling that “Crazy Time” established a high standard, and “Funky Time” may not have provided the same amount of enjoyment to the player.

Your candid evaluation gives vital information for individuals contemplating “Funky Time Live” and provides a fair picture of its benefits and drawbacks.

How To Play Funky Time

“Funky Time” interacts with dynamic wheels, participates in different bonus rounds, and interacts with dynamic wheels. This is a general guide on how to play here.

Accessing the Game

Go to the Live Casino area of your selected online casino that offers Evolution Gaming’s “Funky Time Live.”

Selecting Bet Amount

Before the game begins, choose your bet amount. Using the buttons on the screen, you may usually pick the desired chip value or alter the amount of your wager.

Placing Bets

Make a wager on where you believe the wheel will land. The wheels are separated into sections, each with a distinct multiplier value.

Spinning the Wheel

When the bet is finished, the live presenter will spin the digital wheel, causing it to spin and finally stop. The outcome is determined by where the wheel lands.

Multiplier Wins

If the wheel lands on one of the bet’s parts, the stake is multiplied. The multiplier varies depending on the component.

Bonus Rounds

Funky Time Live has a bonus round that adds an extra element of excitement. If the wheels stop spinning during the bonus round, you can participate in extra games that can lead to larger payouts.

Participating in Bonus Rounds

Follow the instructions on the screen to engage in extra rounds such as Staying Alive, Disco, and VIP Disco. Each bonus round has unique features and possible multipliers.

Auto Play (Optional)

Some players can utilize the auto-execution function to have the game run as many times as they choose. Keep in mind that you should keep an eye on your game throughout the bonus round.

Winning Payouts

It is determined by various roads associated with multiple troops associated with the wheel ground. The higher the multiplication, the bigger the potential payout.

Enjoying the Experience

“Funky Time Live” is intended to be entertaining, so it takes a break, appreciates the 1970s disco motif, and embraces the live casino experience.

Keep in mind that different online casinos with games may have somewhat different particular regulations and functionality. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the game’s rules and all of the variations available at the casino you’re visiting.

Betting On Funky Time

Betting on Funky Time Live entails predicting where the digital wheel will rest by betting on another section of it. Here’s a breakdown of the betting process:

Access the Betting Interface

When you join a live gaming session, you will have access to the betting interface displayed on the screen. This interface lets you place a wager before the wheel spins.

Select Chip Value

Choose the value of the chip you wish to use for your bet. Most games have numerous chip names to accommodate varied betting preferences.

Place Bets on Segments

Place a wager on a digital wheel section. You can place bets on many parts, each with a distinct multiplier value.

Betting Options

  • The available betting options typically include
    • Number One: Betting on the segments with the number one
    • Letters (FUNK, PLAY, TIME): Bet on segments containing the letters FUNK, PLAY, and TIME.
    • Bonus Rounds: Triggers a segment within a segment that triggers a bonus round, such as a BAR.

Review and Confirm Bets

After placing your bets, go over them to ensure they are accurate. When you’re ready, double-check your bets.

Spin the DigiWheel

When all bets have been placed, the live host will whirl the digital wheel. The wheel will then spin, and the outcome will be determined by where it falls.

Multiplier Wins and Payouts

If DigiWheel settles on the section in which he gambled, he will get a bet multiplier. The magnitude of the multiplier determines the amount of payout.

Bonus Rounds

If the wheel stops on the bonus round section, you can play one extra game to earn even more.

Repeat or Adjust Bets

You can repeat your previous stake for the following round or alter your bet based on your strategy, depending on the game regulations and the casino’s interface.

Enjoy the Entertainment

Funky Time Live is intended to amuse, so sit back, watch the live event, and feel the swirling thrill.

It may differ from platform to platform, so familiarize yourself with the regulations and betting possibilities for “Funky Time Live” at the online casino you’re playing at.