Football Studio Dice is a vibrant and visually beautiful live dealer game set in a purpose-built live studio. The game combines rapid consecutive shakes to decide the result and has a unique play-table arrangement, four built-in dice shakers, and a half-game play structure. With Teen Patti Stars, Bet on a home or away side and earn cash rewards if you win.

What is Football Studio Dice

Football Studio Dice is a unique spin on the original Football Studio card game. Football Studio Dice includes dice into the gameplay, much as the dice used in Bac Bo games. The usage of dice increases randomness and unpredictability.

Key Features and Overview of Football Studio Dice

Football Theme: The game revolves around football and American football over the full season. The game focuses on important events such as the World Cup, Champions League, and Super Bowl.

Easy to Play: The Football Studio dice is simple to use, making it suitable for a wide range of players, even those who are new to online casino games.

Seasonal Coverage: The game’s thematic approach covers a variety of football events and seasons, providing players with a dynamic and engaging experience.

Strategies: Reviews offer various tactics to decide which side wins. Specifics concerning these methods are not revealed, but they imply that players may be able to make educated judgments or predictions.

Focus on Major Events: By paying special attention to key soccer games such as the World Cup, Champions League, and Super Bowl, it implies that these games can play an essential influence in the game’s dynamics.

Variation of Bac Bo: The inclusion of Bac Bo implies that Football Studio Dice can share some gameplay characteristics with Bac Bo in order to incorporate Dice into a core component.

Tips for playing Football Studio Dice

Dice Shaking: Unlike with Teen Patti where the game is played with cards, the game is played by rolling four dice, two for the home team and two for the opposing team. The outcome of the game is determined by the results of the dice roll, with the side with the highest total winning.

Winning Bets Payout: The winning bet will be paid out in even-numbered money at a rate of 1:1.

Draw Payouts: A total of 12-12 draws results in a massive 80:1 prize money. Every other draw has a prize money ratio of 8:1.

Dice Rolling Sequence: The dice are rolled in the following order: 1 (groove), 2 (away), 3 (groove), and 4 (away).

Return to Player (RTP): The game’s total Return to Player (RTP) is 97.75%. The RTP for Draw, on the other hand, is 95.68%.

These points offer a comprehensive summary of the Football Studio dice’s basic rules, betting outcomes, and payout structure. Using this knowledge, players may better grasp the game’s processes and make more educated wagers.

How to play Football Studio Dice

Purpose-Built Physical Studio: Football Studio Dice takes place in specially equipped physical studios for games.

Studio Layout: A play table is positioned across the center of the studio. The host team gets the left half of the table, while the visiting team gets the right half.

Dice Shakers: The table contains four built-in dice shakers, two for the home team and two for the away team.

Two Halves of Gameplay: The game is split into two parts. The dice of the home team and the away team are tossed in the first half. The second pair of dice for the home team and the away team is then shaken in the second half.

Quick Successive Shakes: Two sets of dice shakes occur in seconds, ensuring a quick and dynamic pace for games.

Result Determination: The total of two successive dice rolls decides the game’s ultimate outcome. The person who has the greatest total wins.

This option depicts the physical environment in which the Football Studio dice are used, including table arrangement, die shakers, and sequential shaking procedures. With a fast series of dice shaking that impacts the outcome of each round, players may enjoy a visually beautiful and lively encounter.