We value content creators and understand the effort that goes into creating engaging videos. Our YouTube Bonus Promotion aims to reward you for every milestone you achieve, making it more rewarding as your viewership grows.

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Reward Tiers of Teen Patti YouTube Bonus

The more eyes on your content, the higher the rewards. Here’s how Bonus breaks down:

1+ Viewers: Earn 5 Rupees for every view.

100+ Viewers: Rewards rise to 19 Rupees per view.

500+ Viewers: Get 39 Rupees for each view.

2000+ Viewers: A whopping 199 Rupees per view awaits.

5000+ Viewers: Earn 499 Rupees for every view.

10,000+ Viewers: Bonus rewards increase to 699 Rupees per view.

100,000+ Viewers: For the content elites, a massive 1999 Rupees per view.

Video Requirements & Bonus Claiming for YouTube Bonus

Crafting Your Video

To qualify for the Teen Patti YouTube Bonus, there are some essential criteria your video must meet:

  • Duration: Videos should be at least 30 seconds long.
  • Linking: The game link must be prominently displayed, either pinned in the comments or included in the video description.
  • Quality: All videos should be of high quality, made in HD 1080P format or above.
  • Prior Contact: Before you set out to make your video, ensure you contact our Customer Service. This step is crucial to be eligible for the YouTube Bonus event.

Claiming Your YouTube Bonus

Earning your Bonus is a straightforward process:

  • List Your Video: Once your video is up on YouTube, wait for the views to roll in!
  • Contact Customer Service: Not exceeding 7 working days after listing, reach out to our Customer Service team for a review.
  • Bonus Approval: After the review, if everything is in order, your bonus will be credited based on the viewership tiers you hit. Expect to see your rewards in your account within just 1 working day!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How do I qualify for the Bonus?

Simply start creating content and as your views increase, you’ll be eligible for the corresponding bonus tier rewards.

2. Is there a maximum limit to the YouTube Bonus I can earn?

There’s no ceiling! The more views you get, the more you earn with our YouTube Bonus, especially as you hit higher tiers.

3. Are the rewards given for each individual video or the cumulative views on my channel?

The YouTube Bonus rewards are given based on individual video views. This means each video has the potential to earn according to its viewership tier.

4. When and how are the YouTube Bonus rewards credited?

Rewards are usually credited within 48 hours after your video achieves a YouTube Bonus milestone. The exact method of payment can vary, so check our payment terms or contact support for detailed information.

5. Can old videos qualify for this bonus?

Yes, any video, new or old, that achieves the view milestones is eligible for the YouTube Bonus rewards.

6. How does the tiered system work if my video jumps from 50 views to 600 views rapidly?

You’ll earn based on each tier your video passes within the YouTube Bonus scheme. So, in this case, you’d earn for the 100+ viewers tier and the 500+ viewers tier.

7. I have more questions. Where can I get answers?

Our dedicated support team is here to help. Contact us for any further queries or information.

A World of Opportunities

With our YouTube Bonus, every view counts. Start creating, share your passion, and let the rewards flow in!