Step into the world of Live Fan Tan, a traditional Chinese gambling game that has found a modern audience thanks to Teen Patti Stars. Our version captures the authenticity of the game while introducing exciting features for today’s players.

an image of a girl hands using a stick to move the beads of fan tan for teen patti stars

The History of Fan Tan

Originating from China, Fan Tan was traditionally played using small objects like coins, buttons, or beans. Over the years, the card variation gained prominence and spread globally. It’s fascinating to think that a game enjoyed in ancient Chinese courtyards is now digitally available to players worldwide, thanks to platforms like Teen Patti Stars.

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Teen Patti Stars Fan Tan 

Immerse yourself in a game that bridges the ancient with the modern. With a rich history in Chinese culture, Fan Tan at Teen Patti Stars promises a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary gaming.

How To Play

  • Card Layout: The game uses a standard deck of 52 cards. The objective is to be the first player to play all their cards.
  • Starting Play: The player with the 7 of Diamonds starts the game, placing this card in the center.
  • Building Sequences: Players then take turns placing cards, building sequences up and down from the 7 in each suit. For instance, after the 7 of Diamonds, you can play the 6 or the 8 of Diamonds.
  • Passing the Turn: If a player can’t place a card during their turn, they pass to the next player.

Why Teen Patti Stars is the Best Place for Fan Tan

  • Authentic Gaming: Dive deep into the rich history of Fan Tan while enjoying a smooth gaming experience.
  • Fair Play: Our platform ensures transparency, making sure every move is genuine and trustworthy.

Betting On Fan Tan

Basic Bets

  • Fan Bet

This bet involves wagering on the final number of beads left after dividing them into groups of four.

  • Big/Small

Predict if the remaining beads will be Big (more than 2) or Small (less than 3).

  • Odd/Even

Wager on whether the number of remaining beads will be odd or even.

Advanced Bets

  • Nim

Bet on a specific number of beads being left.

  • Kwok

Wager on two possible outcomes for the number of remaining beads.

  • Ssh (Sheh-sam-hong)

This bet involves predicting that there will be 3, 5, or 6 beads left.

  • Selecting The Beads

A dealer selects a random handful of beads using a small cup or bowl.

  • Lining Up The Beads

The selected beads are then placed in a row, and the dealer methodically divides them into groups of four.

  • The Result

After separating the beads, the remaining beads determine the winning bets.

  • Playing Statistics

Teen Patti Stars offers a comprehensive analysis of past rounds, aiding players in making informed decisions.

Betting and Playing Strategy

Best Bets to Play if you want to win

Focus on bets with higher probabilities, like Big/Small and Odd/Even.

The Worse bet

Avoid placing all your bets on specific numbers as they have a lower win probability.

Even Money Bets

These bets have a 1:1 payout ratio, offering a safer wagering option.

Middle of the Road Bet

Kwok bets offer a balance between risk and reward.

Strategy Tips

  1. Observe past rounds for any patterns.
  2. Start with even money bets if you’re new to the game.
  3. Set a budget and stick to it.

Return To Player (RTP) – Expected Returns

Basic Bets RTP

  • Fan Bet: 96.5%
  • Big/Small: 97.2%
  • Odd/Even: 96.8%

Advanced Bets RTP

  • Nim: 95.7%
  • Kwok: 96.3%
  • Ssh (Sheh-sam-hong): 95.8%

Playable Devices

Enjoy the game on various devices, including PC, tablets, and smartphones.

Live Comparison

Compared to other platforms, Teen Patti Stars offers a high-definition streaming quality, engaging live dealers, and a responsive interface for a top-notch live experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Teen Patti Stars Fan Tan?

Our latest rendition of the classic Chinese betting game, Fan Tan. Fusing traditional gameplay with innovative digital features, our version offers an immersive gaming experience for enthusiasts and novices alike.

What is the RTP of Teen Patti Stars Fan Tan?

The Return To Player (RTP) varies based on the type of bet. Typically, Basic Bets like Big/Small have an RTP of around 97.2%, while some advanced bets might offer a different RTP. It’s best to check our game’s specifics for detailed RTP percentages.

What is Required to Play Fan Tan?

To indulge in Fan Tan on Teen Patti Stars, players need a registered account with us, a stable internet connection, and a device of their choice, be it a desktop, mobile, or tablet.

What are the Fan Tan Beads or Counters made of?

Traditionally, Fan Tan beads or “counters” were crafted from bone or ivory. In Teen Patti Stars Fan Tan, to maintain sustainability and ensure consistent gameplay, they are made from premium quality plastic or resin.

What is the stick called in Fan Tan?

The stick used in Fan Tan, which aids the dealer in separating the beads, is traditionally known as the “tan.”

How many people can play Teen Patti Stars Fan Tan?

Our digital rendition of this game can accommodate numerous players simultaneously. Whether you’re playing the live version or the online AI-driven game, there’s no cap to the number of participants.

Is there a Strategy for Playing Teen Patti Stars Fan Tan?

Absolutely! While Fan Tan is a game rooted in chance, players often adopt strategies based on betting odds, past game patterns, or their intuition. Exploring and understanding the various bet types can also aid in formulating strategies.

Where can I play Teen Patti Stars Fan Tan?

The game is exclusively available on our platform. Players can access the game through our website or our mobile app, available on both Android and iOS.

When will Teen Patti Stars Fan Tan be released?

Teen Patti Stars Fan Tan is currently live and available for play. If you haven’t tried it yet, we encourage you to join and enjoy this unique blend of tradition and modern gaming.