Who loves Bonuses!? I know everyone loves bonuses, especially in the Teen Patti Game and other Casino games! Enjoy Free Bonus, focus, including Welcome Bonus One time Bonus Purchase and Play much longer!

Buy Chips in Teen Patti Stars and get an Unlimited Bonus! Including One time Purchase Bonuses! Below are the lists of Bonuses; One Time Purchase Bonus, Regular Purchase Bonus, and the normal purchase price or the No Bonus Purchase.

Teen Patti Stars Welcome Bonus One time Bonus Purchase!

Dive right into the action with our exclusive one-time offers. It’s our way of saying thanks for choosing Teen Patti Stars. These bonuses are tailored for our new players to give them a boosted start. Make the most of it and see how it enhances your gameplay!

What you buyWhat you receive
₹500 Purchase₹700 (₹200 Bonus)
₹200 Purchase₹291 (₹91 Bonus)
₹100 Purchase₹110 (₹10 Bonus)

How it Works:

When you make a one-time purchase, you receive extra bonus chips on top of what you buy. For instance, if you purchase chips worth ₹500, you don’t just get ₹500 worth of chips. Instead, you receive ₹700 worth of chips, which includes an extra ₹200 as a bonus. This way, every purchase gives you more value, letting you play longer and have more fun!

Regular Purchase Bonuses | Other Chips Purchase Bonus

For our seasoned players who come back for more, we haven’t forgotten about you! These bonuses are designed to reward your loyalty and commitment to Teen Patti Stars. Every time you recharge, you get a little extra to keep the game going strong.

Welcome Bonus One time Bonus Purchase
and Daily Bonus chart image
What I PurchaseWhat I receivedThe Bonus Rupees
₹500 ₹505+5
₹1000 ₹1015+15
₹2000 ₹2030+30
₹5000 ₹5100+100
₹10000 ₹10150+150
₹20000 ₹20240+240
₹30000 ₹30300+300

No Bonus Purchase

Aside from Welcome Bonus One time Bonus Purchase, we have a normal purchase without bonus. While bonuses are a great way to add extra value to your game, we understand that sometimes players just want to keep things straightforward. That’s where our “No Bonus Purchase” comes in. It’s a clear-cut option for players who prefer a one-to-one purchase without any added bonuses.

  • ₹100 = 100 chips
  • ₹200 = 200 chips
  • ₹300 = 300 chips

Purchase Bonus Customer Support

At Teen Patti Stars, we pride ourselves on providing the Best Teen Patti Customer Service Support in India. Understanding the needs of our players, we’ve ensured that assistance is always at your fingertips.

  • 24/7 Availability: Our dedicated team is available around the clock, every day of the year, including holidays. We’re here whenever you need us, ensuring you have a seamless gaming experience.
  • Quick Contact Options: We know that sometimes you need answers fast. That’s why we offer various quick contact methods to get in touch with us:
  1. WhatsApp: Connect with us directly for real-time assistance.
  2. Live Chat Support: Engage with our support representatives online for immediate solutions.
  3. Telegram: Drop us a message and we’ll get back to you promptly.
  • Easy Game ID Access: To make our support even more efficient, we’ve made it simple for you to provide us with your Game ID. Within the game, you’ll find a “Copy” button. Simply click it to instantly copy your Game ID, making it easier for you to share it with us if needed. This speeds up any assistance process, ensuring you can get back to your game as soon as possible.

Remember, we’re always here to support and enhance your gaming journey with Teen Patti Stars.

Recharge Record

Stay informed and organized! With our Recharge Record feature, you can now track all your purchase history easily. Each transaction will detail the following:

  • Time: When you made the purchase.
  • Product: Which package or offer you chose.
  • Payment: The method and amount of your payment.
  • Chips: The total chips credited to your account.
  • State: The status of your purchase, whether it’s completed, pending, or failed.

Don’t be afraid of purchasing! Teen Patti Stars Welcome Bonus One time Bonus Purchase will make your gaming more exciting!

And if it’s your first time playing Teen Patti, we also have Teen Patti Stars Sign-up Bonus for our new players out there!

Thank you for choosing Teen Patti Stars. We are always here to ensure you have the best gaming experience!