Experience the thrill of Monopoly Big Baller, a captivating live entertainment game here at Teen Patti Stars. Immerse yourself in a riverboat voyage where bingo-style gameplay meets the iconic Monopoly board game. Place bets, draw balls from the machine, and trigger the Bonus Game for a chance to join Mr. Monopoly on a virtual 3D Monopoly board.

What is Monopoly Big Baller

“Monopoly Big Baller” is a game that combines elements of Mega Ball Live with Monopoly Live bonus features. The gameplay involves drawing balls from a bingo machine, creating lines on cards, and triggering bonus rounds inspired by the Monopoly board game. Adding some of the monopolies and activities that pull and act on the handle as a game, as well as erasing certain numbers off the card, may add tactics and expectations.

These qualities not only improve the game’s enjoyment, but they may also influence the outcome and the player’s possible triumph. Paying attention to Mr. Monopoly’s actions and adapting your tactics accordingly might improve your entire gaming experience.

Two Bonus Cards: Players can place wagers on two separate bonus cards. In a Monopoly game, one card grants three dice rolls and the other five.

Completing the Bonus Card: When a player successfully fills all of the numbers on the bonus card during the ball-drawing phase, a Monopoly bonus game is triggered.

Virtual Monopoly Board: When the bonus game is activated, the player is sent to the virtual Monopoly board where the bonus game is activated.

Dice Rolls: In a virtual Monopoly game, the amount of dice rolls granted by the chosen bonus card dictates how many dice rolls a player receives. More rolls mean more chances to advance on monopoly boards and perhaps bigger prize money.

This setting adds a fun interactive aspect to the game, allowing players to play traditional monopoly board games in a virtual environment and win additional rewards according on their success.

Monopoly Big Baller Aesthetic

Appearance as a Masterpiece: Monopoly Big Baller Live being described as a “masterpiece” implies a high degree of workmanship and ingenuity in its conception and execution. Evolution Gaming is well-known for their live casino innovation.

Virtual Ship Setting: The game takes place on a virtual ship constructed in the manner of the 1920s. These setting options offer distinctive and nostalgic touches to the game, evoking the aesthetics of several historical periods.

1920s Style: Art deco, an iconic design trend that includes sleek lines, geometric forms, and luxury, is frequently linked with 1920s style. This aesthetic decision may contribute to the game’s overall mood and attractiveness.

The mix of virtual ships with 1920s design styles promotes thematic continuity, which improves the immersion experience for the player. The specifics you’ve provided indicate Evolution Gaming’s dedication to developing a visually pleasing and thematically interesting live casino game.

Key Features:

Bingo-Style Gameplay: Additional vacant spaces and bingo cards with multipliers are included in the main games. Players can place bets on this card in order to win.

Optional Rolls Cards: Players can gamble on three and five roll cards to add to the excitement. Once these cards have been finished, the player will be allowed to participate in the bonus round.

Virtual Monopoly Board Bonus Round: The bonus round is the centerpiece of Monopoly Big Ballet Live. Players join a computer-generated monopoly board where they can obtain multipliers from various attributes.

Mr. Monopoly’s Role: Mr. Monopoly, also known as Richie Uncle Pennyvax, adds to the excitement during the game. During the base game, he shouts for the players, and in the bonus round, he takes center stage.

Physical Dice and Multipliers: Two actual dice are shaken in the bonus round to decide Mr. Monopoly’s progress on the virtual board. Different properties are assigned to multipliers.

How to play Monopoly Big Baller

Choose a reputable casino: Monopoly Big Baller is a live casino game available here at Teen Patti Stars. Begin by selecting an online casino that provides the game.

Enter the Game Lobby: Click Monopoly Big Baller in the live game lobby. When you do this, you will be brought to the game’s studio, where you will be introduced to the game by a live dealer.

Place Your Bets: You’ll have to bet once you’ve entered the game. The Monopoly Big Baller comes with four bingo cards as well as a bingo-style gaming with three and five roll cards. You can place a wager on one or more cards, with each card having a distinct bet amount.

Bingo Card Selection: Select the type and quantity of bingo cards you want to use. Monopoly Big Ballet includes a chance card with a multiplier in the center and a free space card with an empty space in the center.

Bonus Card Options: Choose whether or not to play the optional 3 and 5 roll bonus cards. When you finish these cards, you’ll unlock the Monopoly Board bonus round.

Watch Mr. Monopoly in Action: Mr. Monopoly takes action before the numbers are drawn. He changes the game’s dynamics by adding multipliers and empty spaces to the cards.

Drawing Numbers: The game begins with the drawing of 20 balls from a bingo game console containing 60 colored balls numbered from 1 to 60. The numbers drawn match the numbers on the bingo cards.

Bonus Round Activation: You can enter the bonus round after completing a 3-roll or 5-roll card. If you win 3 and 5 rolls at the same time, you may receive two additional rounds.

Virtual Monopoly Board Bonus Round: Mr. Monopoly enters the bonus round by adding a multiplier to the virtual Monopoly board. Mr. Monopoly walks across the board, collecting multipliers at each stop, as the dice are rolled.

Collect Your Winnings: The reward money is computed using the multiplier you earn and the unfilled space. The reward money is deposited to your account, and a new round of Monopoly Big Ballet starts.

Multipliers of Monopoly big baller

Multipliers play a crucial part in deciding payouts for completed rows of bingo cards in Monopoly Big Baller. Here is a list of the several sorts of multipliers you might meet in the game:

Whole Card Multiplier: This multiplier applies to the whole bingo card. When a line is finished with a card-wide multiplier, the multiplier affects the payment for that line.

Line Multiplier: The line multiplier is specific to each line on the bingo card. When a line with a multiplier is completed, the payment is multiplied by the multiplier. You can pay up to 50 times the line multiplier in Monopoly Big Ballet.

Number Multiplier: The number multiplier is associated with a certain number on the bingo card. When a line with a multiplier is finished, the payout for that line is influenced by the multiplier.

The crucial thing to remember is that these multipliers add more interest and solvency. Your win can be doubled based on the type of bingo card you pick (chance or free space) and the exact multiplier that appears on the card.