Teen Patti Stars Official: Latest Indian Rummy Game App

When it comes to popular card games, rummy variants are quite common. But in the present day, there aren’t many options when it comes to Teen Patti or Indian Rummy online. Teen Patti Stars Official provides players with a modern and accessible version of the game that can be played on mobile devices or computers.

This Awesome game is available for download on IOS and Android operating systems. If you love playing Rummy and would like to learn more about these exciting card games, read on!

What is Teen Patti Stars Official?

Teen Patti Stars Official is one of India’s best online rummy applications providing a world-class online rummy experience to over 80 million online game users.

Teen Patti Stars Official became the top choice application in India because of its legitimacy and fast withdrawal system. 

Teen Patti Stars Official is a mobile-friendly application that connects people around India as a family since we all know that rummy is one of their universal games.

Every Indian is familiar with the game Rummy, it brings people together. 

This application provides the most convenient service in terms of Bonuses, Multiple game options, and Cash rebates when losing a game. 

How to download Teen Patti Stars?

Playing games on your devices requires some steps to do, these are the things you need to consider when downloading Teen Patti Stars:

  • Prepare your mobile phone, whether it is an Android or iOS device.
  • Consider your stable internet connection before playing.
  • To download, simply proceed here -> Download page

Why Download Teen Patti Stars? 

There are many reasons why you should download Teen Patti Stars Official and play the game. If you are a poker fan, you can play this rummy variant online. The game comes with multiple game modes where you can choose some games that fit your mood and you can play against real players from around India.

If you love guessing between two cards that are higher, Dragon Tiger game mode suits you the best. With a minimum bet of 100 Rupees, many players choose to download Teen Patti Stars. Most players tend to win rather than lose their money in this application.

If you love playing rummy games, you can download Teen Patti Stars Official and enjoy the same experience. Apart from this, the game comes with a user-friendly interface, and you can play the game with ease. If you want to play a modern variant, this Application is perfect for your taste when it comes to betting games. Download and play the game against real players! 

Here are some facts about why you should download the Teen Patti Stars Official application:

Multiple games Options

This application offers a lot of popular gambling card games that Indians mostly enjoy. Below is the list of the games that Teen Patti Stars offer: 

Teen Patti 

Teen Patti is an Indian Poker, it is somehow the same as Texas poker but with a little difference; Teen Patti builds only 3 card sets and purely luck. There are no proper tactics for playing this game, but the players tend to play this game in the application because of its fast-phase game. In short, they are choosing this game mode to make an easy result whether to lose or to win instantly. 


This is the most popular card game in India. If you are a strategist gambler and at the same time love to build a combination pattern of cards, Rummy is the best option for you to choose. 

Dragon Tiger

Dragon tiger is just a representation of 2 sides with 2 phases of cards, the mechanics are simple. If you love guessing between two sides which is higher? This game is perfect for you. The only goal here is to guess which card is higher, either on the tiger side or on the Dragon side.

7 Up Down

This is the most popular card game in India. If you are a strategist gambler and at the same time love to build a combination pattern of cards, Rummy is the best option for you to choose. 

The Black Red

This game is popular in land-based casinos around the world. 

What makes this game very popular online is that the prizes in this game are much bigger than in the other game. But it has a bigger risk than Rummy and Teen Patti. 

As gamblers mostly said, the higher the risk, the bigger the prize. 

Fruit Party

If you are familiar with the game Candy Crush this game is very easy for you to understand. Fruit party is a modern Casino game in which you will just buy a turn, and the system will automatically shuffle random Fruits with multipliers based on your bets. Every turn has a high chance of winning. If the fruits are in a set or a group, you will win. The prize will be based on how many fruits in the group were crushed.

Texas Cowboys

Texas Cowboys is the alternative term of Texas Hold’em or what we call “Poker”. This game is well-known around the world. Teen Patti Stars include this game because of its popularity and chances of winning big prizes.


Crash is a guessing gamble with a high multiplier of winning your bet. The game is simple, you will just put a bet and guess a multiplier of your money. The rocket will fly while the multiplier is increasing. The goal is to reach the multiplier you choose after the rocket has crashed before making a cashout. This game makes players win triple or even more of their bets.

Car Roulette

Car Roulette is a casino game that is similar to The Black Red. The difference in this game is you will choose the exact car result that will spin by the machine. It gives higher winning prizes compared to other game modes in Teen Patti Star. 


When playing online gambling, other applications are competing when it comes to bonuses. This is one of the reasons why you should download Teen Patti Stars! It offers higher bonuses, unlike other applications. These bonuses will make your day complete and special. You will earn real money in an instant after you download the application.

Here are the Bonuses that Teen Patti Stars offer: 

Register Bonus

Upon registering in the Application, you are already winning real money. Register Bonus gives 71 rupees for those first-time sign-up accounts. 

Note: 1 account=1 device policy is observed.

Top-up Bonus

Starting from binding the application to your mobile phone, you will earn 10 rupees instantly. You will earn 200 rupees by doing your first top-up in the game. Joining the VIP club is optional but you can earn a much bigger Top-up bonus here weekly, this gives 100 rupees weekly when you join the VIP club.

Weekly bonus can earn up to 400 rupees daily with a total of 26,000 rupees!

Overall you can earn a minimum total of 2500 rupees and can be up to 30,000 rupees and more!

Daily Sign-up Bonus

Every day is a brand new day! When logging in to Teen Patti Star, you will earn a minimum of 10 rupees and what is better here is that every day it increases until it reaches the highest of 40 rupees in one week. With a total of 150 rupees free by only logging in to the game.

Referral Bonus

The referral is also an alternative way of earning rupees in Teen Patti Stars. You can earn up to an 18% referral bonus or Cashback of your referral’s top-up. The more referrals the more passive income you can make. 

Advantages of Choosing Teen Patti Stars

Low minimum bet

With only a 100 rupees minimum bet, you are ready to go! Playing in low-risk but high-chance winning is one great advantage that Teen Patti Stars Official can offer to the players.

And what is even good about this is the application’s minimum withdrawal amount of only 200 rupees, you can cash out your money instantly!

24/7 Customer Service Support

Let’s face the fact that in every application there’s a technical problem happening especially in your money or assets, or some bugs, glitches, or delays might happen to the game. That’s why Teen Patti Stars Official is way more in demand play by millions of India is because of its 24/7 customer guide or assistance. With this, players’ interruption in the game may only last for a minute. Teen Patti Stars Official customer service provides the best help and guidance to the player like you for this application are not only mobile friendly but also a people’s choice application around India.

Play with your friends online

It might be boring when you are only playing for money, without friends. This is one of the very reasons why you need to download this application! Teen Patti Stars Official became more popular not only in betting but also in connecting with your relatives, love-ones, and families around India. You can play with your friends in the game. This way, no one is far away and it will bring back all the good memories of playing Rummy online with your family and relatives. 

Reliable Payment Methods

What is more interesting about this application is its broad and reliable payment methods.

Teen Patti Stars application covers a broad range of partners in Indian banks. 

Not only bank accounts, but you can also withdraw using Paytm, UPI, Phonepe, and other Indian payment methods.


When choosing an application, you must be aware of its security too, for your asset or money is involved. A lot of scammers and hackers are appearing nowadays especially when gambling, crypto, and assets are involved. Gambling is the most targeted platform by those hackers.

Teen Patti Stars are proven and tested gaming applications. This became the most trusted application by millions because they find this as the safest gambling application in India.